This is a test…

This is a test...not of the emergency broadcast system, but of this Audio Detroit's ability to play music!

This is a test…not of the emergency broadcast system, but of Audio Detroit’s ability to play music! 🙂 So here are some interesting legally free-to-share music for your entertainment!

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1. This is one of the tracks on the Intelligent Toys 5 release, on netlabel

2. Everyone loves George! This was found on a few years ago, as a tape-friendly artist! Free Your Mind!!!

3. I consider Altus one of the best Ambient artists out there, commercial or not! This track from his self released album, Black Trees Among Amber Skies, is a regular sleeping companion.

4. This is an insightful track from UK instrumental hip-hop producer Dustmotes from the Public Spaces Lab netlabel. And he loves Dilla! 😉

Photo: Public Domain from Wikipedia